Folk you!
50 points(5 extra points) | Uploaded: 30-05-2018
Team comments

You can't even imagine how much effort was put in this mission. We were trying to complete this mission for the whole month. We asked a bunch of bands to help us and at first they were ready but after some time they just disappeared and started ignoring us. So after 3 different bands let us down and wasted a lot of our time we were desperate and decided to ask all the bands simultaneously. As a result we have 2 completely different instrumental covers. And each of them is awesome so we decided to upload both of them.
The main video shows you real professionals (wearing traditional Ukrainian vyshyvankas) who btw created the whole thing in just a 3 days. The link below goes to the second video where you can see very talented and kind students who managed to make it in 5 days: