24h plogging
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The cause

Now, there is a new invention out of Sweden called “plogging” that adds to the growing list of creative ways to help solve our plastic problem: a combination of jogging and "plocka upp", Swedish for “to pick up.” Plogging entails jogging and quickly stopping to pick up trash while you go. In the last decade, the volume of frequent runners/joggers rose approximately 25% - in the US (in numbers around 50 million). That means if all of the runners and joggers would participate in the #plogging movement in the US with only 1 plastic bottle gathered a year, they could clean up ten times more plastic waste than what ends up in the oceans every year.

if all of the runners would participate in #plogging ... they could clean up ten times more plastic waste than what ends up in the oceans
The Task

Now we Szitizens are getting together to create a global relay of #plogging with the power of live video and social media coverage all over the world! Bring your running shoes, invite your friends, it's time to lead your community by example!

  1. Get a running outfit and a bag for each team member!
  2. Find a great place to run (it's better if it's a little bit off the beaten path)
  3. Start running on May 6th, 3PM local time starting with your first team member, followed by one team member at a time, and running 20 minutes/person
  4. Gather all the litter you find during the run in your bag
  5. Stream every team member's run on her/his Facebook/Twitter account in live video (set the video to public)
  6. Use #plogging #LoveRevolution #SZIGET2018 #{teamname} in your post
  7. After your run, upload a photo of the team and the gathered 'treasure.' Paste the links in the comment section

From all the participants we will drawn 5 lucky team who will win free bungee jumping at the Sziget for all the team members!