Blue collar
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The cause

Imagine a city with no access to safe water and sanitation, where bins overflow and rubbish piles up. A city without affordable child care or transportation, where children have no safe outdoor public spaces to play and there are no green parks to enjoy. A city where pavements have cracks and holes, road traffic is a nightmare and pedestrians and cyclists are not safe. Without these, and many other essential urban services, cities collapse, local economies cannot run and inhabitants suffer a lower quality of life.

Millions of staff clean our streets and keep our cities moving
The Task

Municipal workers: the invisible, underpaid people who run our cities. Millions of staff clean our streets and keep our cities moving. It's time to recognize their contribution to the everyday fabric of our urban lives.

  1. Find a way to get a municipal worker job in your city for a day (for the whole team). Volunteering is sexy too.
  2. Spend a minimum of 8 hours to keep your city moving.
  3. Be proud! This type of work is important!
  4. Make a video about your workday and tell us your story of experiences as a municipal worker.