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World peace
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The cause

Music represents the power that people have when they come together to create something magical and everlasting. Music is peace in itself.

Music is peace in itself.
The Task

Now's your chance to be the link between music creators - connecting creative minds to compose a theme song.

  1. Find a composer and ask him/her for one of his/her original melodies.
  2. Forward this melody to a songwriter and ask them to write lyrics to it.
  3. Take the melody and the lyrics to a producer and ask them to put a song together.
  4. Find a singer or a band to join your producer and record the song.
  5. The previous 4 artists should all be separate persons - after all, we are combining ideas of different minds!
  6. Send us the video of the whole creation process with a link to the new song! Don't forget your team flag!

Connect artists who don't know each other to make the music more unique!