Best of 2016:
Epic logo
20 points

One of last year's most impressive Secret Missions was an epic Sziget logo on a house wall - time to paint your walls!

  1. Find the perfect house wall for an epic Sziget logo
  2. Paint a copy of this logo as big as it is possible on the wall! (at least 2.5m tall and wide)
  3. Take a time-lapse video of the painting and upload it!


Know more about the ISLAND OF FREEDOM

Sziget Festival is one of the biggest multicultural events of Europe, starting in 1993 and already celebrating its 24rd edition.

The festival attracts almost 415 000 fans from over 70 countries to a beautiful island in the heart of Budapest, providing a complete festival-holiday experience with non-stop party, great live concerts, a widely international community and all the touristic features the city has to offer. Sziget is not just about music, as it offers several other cultural programs, art, fun and activities!