Every road goes to trashland
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The cause

Our trash travels a lot and we only see a small portion of its journey. It usually comes to us in a form of packaging that was produced somewhere. After we bought the trash, we put it in the trash can, so the waste collector could take it on another journey. Well, these weekly journeys are powered by petrol, so our part could add 2 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere in a year if you live in a populated city.

Waste transport can add 2 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere in a year
The Task

Is it fair if we only know the garbage's journey until the trash truck takes it away? Now you'll have to follow the rest all the way to the landfill.

  1. Get a camera, which is suitable for recording time-lapse videos and get an app to track your route
  2. Record the journey of your trash from your home to the trash bin in POV style
  3. Record the route it takes from the trash bin to the landfill also in POV style by choosing either of these options:
    - Hitch a ride in a trash truck and go along with the professionals to where they drop your trash off
    - Hop on your bicycle and ride out to the trash depot
  4. Create a compilation of these videos and include some stats on on how long you followed your trash (or create a map, that would be awesome!)