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The cause is a site which started in 2009 offering annotations for rap lyrics and has since expanded into a platform serving music knowledge to over 100 million users a day. Did you know that some famous artists even help annotating their own songs? That's right, just to mention one big name: Kendrick Lamar does that!

Kendrick Lamar helps annotating his own cool is that?
The Task

Has it occurred to you that you suddenly realized you don't even know what the song you're listening to is about? But if you DO know, help others out!

  1. Go to and choose a song from one of this year's SZIGET headliners.
  2. Your song choice must be based on two criteria: you need to understand what the song is about and the lyrics for the song must not be fully annotated.
  3. Gather facts and insights about the lyrics, find out what the lines mean and add them as annotations.
  4. If your insights were accepted, send us the link and a picture proving that you did it yourselves!