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The cause

Metal fans are Satanists, rap fans are criminals, Justin Bieber fans are crazy fangirls. We all know these stereotypes from A to Z, but does the music we listen to really define us? Does it necessarily shape our behavior, our wardrobe and does it have an effect on our appearance?

does the music we listen to really define us?
The Task

Prejudice poisons our lives but with a little openness, we can tear down these walls. Let’s practice and guess someone’s favorite playlist.

  1. You’re gonna make a little experiment by gathering a few people and asking strangers to guess what type of music they each like.
  2. Round up 10 ordinary people and line them up at your town’s main square.
  3. Write down their favorite music genre on a paper in a way no one sees it and put it in their hands.
  4. Ask 10 strangers to try and guess what music genre each of them likes based on their looks.
  5. Shoot a video about the experiment and the results.

If you want to see how it works, check out this experiment with the topic of job shaming: VIDEO