Hey you! What are you listening to?
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The cause

The planet is covered with a multitude of cultures. In this mixture, music is a common point, because it is a universal language. Extend your language with the music culture of others.

music is a common point, because it is a universal language
The Task

Ok, be honest, you wanted to try this. There's always a person listening to music so loud with headphones on the bus that you could Shazam it if you sat next to him/her. But what about the other decent ones who respect everybody else? What are they listening to? Let's find out!

  1. Go to a busy place in your city/town and approach 25 people with headphones or earplugs on.
  2. Ask what music they are listening to.
  3. Create a 25-song Spotify playlist based on the answers titled "My neighbor's playlist".
  4. Send us the link of the playlist and a video of your team asking for the songs.