Lifelong learning
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The cause

A wide range of smartphone applications aimed at encouraging healthy diets and active lifestyles have been developed in recent years. However, the use of these smartphone apps among the elderly population that should benefit the most from them remains low. Many studies found that elders were actually interested to learn more advanced smartphone functionalities but there was no one available to teach them.

the use of these smartphone apps among the elderly population remains low
The Task

We learn so much from the elderly people in our lives. Now it's your chance to teach them something. This will be fun, we promise, because older people usually react to new technology in amusing ways.

  1. First of all, search for something that is useful to elderly people, but also needs some explaining regarding its use. It can be an application on a phone, a website on the internet, a technical device, a group or an individual activity, some creative handicraft or anything that is helpful for their health or entertainment.
  2. Find an older person (or two :)) who is over 60. Your grandma, grandpa, somebody from your family or a lovely neighbor. This shouldn't be hard.
  3. Show him/her the thing you chose to teach them, and teach them. Be patient, explain how it works, why it's useful, what advantages you can gain by using it. Let them try it, fix their mistakes and if necessary, meet them twice or more to help.
  4. Send us a picture or a link about the thing you chose to teach them, and make a video about the teaching process and the joyful moments as they begin to comprehend this new knowledge.