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The cause

Food is magical. It can fly across continents or travel through the seven seas, but it will always find its way to your plate. However, these journeys can add 19m tonnes of CO2/year to the atmosphere. Eating local and seasonal food can drastically reduce your dinner's food mileage.

Food can fly across continents, these journeys can add 19m tonnes of CO2/year to the atmosphere
The Task

Food trucks are awesome. But could they travel as far as your food actually comes from? Sure, if they only cooked from local ingredients!

  1. Create a menu or a few meals (min. 2 meals) only using food ingredients from your country (would be best if it could be found within a 30km radius of your place)
  2. Find a suitable vehicle which can be transformed into a mini food truck (choose any vehicle, be creative and fun!)
  3. Host a food truck show to at least 10 of your friends and label the foods miles!
  4. Record the whole thing from the shopping through the cooking to the end of the show and create a fun tutorial video showing how you cook purely from local ingredients