Mission Triathlon
World peace
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The cause

In ancient Greece, a truce was announced before and during the Olympic Games to ensure that host cities and players could participate and travel, unharmed. This tradition lives on and has led to events like the Olympic Flame Relay or South and North Korean delegations walking side by side for the 2000 Sydney Summer Games. Sports bring everyone together - let's prove it in your hometown!

Sports bring everyone together
The Task

It's time for your city to get familiar with our three mission goals, and what better way to do it than with the help of gamification? Everybody loves a good race... or in this case, three of them! Get people to participate in a Mission Triathlon!

  1. Go to the most populated place of your city/town (main square or any central area with enough space)
  2. Organize a triathlon and invite people from the street to participate.
  3. The three events should be the following:
    - Green planet: race with any zero-emission vehicle (roller, skateboard, bike, etc.)
    - Human rights: a running contest, but racers must be paired up, with their inner legs tied together!
    - World peace: an obstacle course, filled with dozens of objects and hurdles symbolizing anything in the way of peace (please do not use actual objects of war, rather just draw, paint or stick images of weapons, barbed wire, etc. on the obstacles)
  4. In every category, a minimum of 3 players is required in the same race. Unlike real triathlon, score the categories separately.
  5. Send us a video of the event and the podium finishers in the description field.