Off the grid
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We're appriciating your readiness <3
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The cause

Over the next 10 years, the power used by products in “standby” could be as high as 10 percent of total electricity use. Powering these will require 400 medium-sized power plants.

We hope you're not afraid of the dark...
The Task

We hope you're not afraid of the dark... because a mission in darkness awaits. But don't worry, it's for a better future! (And it can be a bit romantic as well :))

  1. Choose another mission which can be solved without using electricity. Your choice must be an indoors mission and the completion must happen when it's dark outside (between approx. 9PM. and 6AM for example)*
  2. Turn off every light, every device that consumes power, with the exception of your camera or phone you use for recording.
  3. Light some candles to provide some brightness while you solve the mission, because we'll need to see something in the video to approve. (And please don't set the house on fire. :))
  4. Don't leave your flag in the darkness!
  5. Solve the mission, record it, and send it to us.

*If there's no such mission left, you can redo one of your completed ones, but then you don't need to upload the same video to both submissions.