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The cause

“Nowadays, knowledge is the most valuable asset so good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity — it is a prerequisite.” - and an important tool which should be available to everyone in the world in order to provide an opportunity for worldwide equality!

Nowadays, knowledge is the most valuable asset so education is no longer just a pathway to opportunities — it is a prerequisite
The Task

The world is full of knowledge, but many subjects are often considered trivial and pointless. When examined more closely, these subjects are deeply fascinating. Let's show the world that all knowledge is meaningful. Celebrate the equality by sharing your knowledge!

  1. Select a topic for every team member of your team to present - it can be silly or really specific but it has to be fascinating on some level.
  2. Prepare a TED-like talk about your topics - 10 min each.
  3. Present your talks on May 19th at 3PM.
  4. Stream every team member's presentation on their FB/Twitter account as a live stream (set the video to public).
  5. Use #knowledgesharing #LoveRevolution #SZIGET2018 #{teamname} in your post.
  6. After your presentations, upload a photo of the team and paste the links in the comment section.

From all the participants we will select the best 3 team based on the presentation quality, creativity and fun factor who will win a dinner at the FOH tower (right front of the Main Stage) at the Sziget for all the team members!