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The cause

An average mature tree can provide 110kg O2/year, 35 times more oxygen than a young tree can. One adult human needs 30 trees to offset the annual oxygen consumption, or three mature trees. Our partner Europcar Rental cares about these numbers, so each time you rent a car and donate a green fee of just 50 euro cents, Europcar matches your donation, so that together we plant two trees in the Burkina Faso desert.

One adult human needs 30 trees to offset the annual oxygen consumption
The Task

Now it’s your time to join the Europcar team and double all the planting effort to have more trees in your environment. Let’s start it at a place where should definitely be a tree: in a place of an old tree!

  1. Find a tree that has been cut down*
  2. Grab a shovel, a sapling, a bucket of water and anything else you may need to plant a tree
  3. Create a memorial for the dead tree by planting two new trees there
  4. Post a video or a picture about the procedure and the achievement

*It’s important to coordinate with local authorities about where you can plant a tree. There are plenty of reasons to cut down trees, for example safety issues due to it leaning in a dangerous angle. Be aware not to plant invasive species that could interfere with the local ecosystem.