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The cause

Ethnical diversity is a hard-to-measure factor when it comes to analyzing a country. These metrics can be interpreted differently and might change over time but some general statements can certainly be made. For example, African countries are the most diverse (partially due to the aftermath of European colonization) and nations in the Far East are the most homogenous. Estimating religious diversity is a bit clearer task but both factors provide an interesting insight to a nation's true self. How about your homeland?

Estimating ethnical and religious diversity provides an interesting insight to a nation's true self
The Task

French football team full of Afro-American people? Players with Arabic origin in the German national team? Yep, the world is changing - we bet your country is getting more and more multicultural. Show your country's diversity!

  1. Gather 11 people so that their gender, ethnical, religious and age distribution represents your country's distribution of these areas, respectively.
  2. Line them up like a national football team, give them uniform shirts - after all, they represent your country! (Either acquire 11 of your national team shirts or make them yourselves)
  3. Send us the photo and some data about the squad in the description!