The night museum
5 points

One of the biggest events in Budapest is the Night of the Museums when local exhibitions stay open all night, creating a great opportunity for everyone to see them in a less strict, unusual form. Grab this feeling and use it to show your local neighborhood what Sziget is.

  1. Choose or create five pieces of exhibition items that can express how Sziget looks and feels like. These five items have to represent the atmosphere of Sziget.
  2. Place that five items somewhere out in the street, for instance at a bus station.
  3. Make a guided tour for at least 25 people. Tell them about the installations, let them know about Sziget.
  4. Send us a video about your Sziget themed exhibition and don't forget your mascot!


Know more about the ISLAND OF FREEDOM

Sziget Festival is one of the biggest multicultural events of Europe, starting in 1993 and already celebrating its 24rd edition.

The festival attracts almost 415 000 fans from over 70 countries to a beautiful island in the heart of Budapest, providing a complete festival-holiday experience with non-stop party, great live concerts, a widely international community and all the touristic features the city has to offer. Sziget is not just about music, as it offers several other cultural programs, art, fun and activities!