Walk for water
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The cause

In some rural regions of the world, people (mostly women) walk an average of 6 km each day to gather water for their family, while carrying about 20 kg of water on their head.

In some regions, people (mostly women) walk an average of 6 km each day to gather water
The Task

Have you ever thought about how to live as a sherpa? It's time for that thought to become reality ;)

  1. Calculate your minimum water usage that you need for one day
  2. Fill something that you can carry (like a backpack) with things that have the same amount of weight as the calculated water would weigh
  3. Shoot a video snippet as you weigh this "backpack"
  4. Dress in Sziget style
  5. Pick up your "backpack" and start your 6 km long daily water journey
  6. Make a walking clip about this trip

A list of some activities for example with avarage water consumption:
- Drinking water (2 litres)
- Flushing the toilet (9 litres)
- Taking a shower (40 litres)
- Taking a bath (100 litres)
- Dish washing (20 litres)
- Indoor plant watering (2 litres)
- Brushing your teeth (1 litres)
- Cooking a meal (10 litres)

Pro tip: you can train yourself, or even combo missions with the Life in a drop of water mission. And don't forget your flag!