Mission: Szitizen

Hey Szitizens, get together
to win an awesome
Sziget holiday!


  1. Create

    your team and start the missions
  2. Do

    activities with
    your team
    More details
  3. Earn

    Sziget points
    and cool prizes
    More details
  4. Win

    VIP Sziget
    treatment for your team
    More details

Mission: completed

Top 3 teams



1025 points | (27 extra points)

What can you win?

VIP treatment for the best teams with most Sziget points

  • szitizen hotel

    +VIP dinner+backstage tour and selfie from foh tower

    First 3 teams (with the highest points)

  • vip dinner

    +backstage tour and selfie from foh tower

    First 5 teams (with the highest points)

  • backstage tour


    First 20 teams (with the highest points)

Guaranteed Prizes

  • Unique sziget

    After earning 50 points (first 250 teams)

  • Beer for your team

    After earning 20 points (first 500 teams)

  • Szitizen opening party

    After earning 10 points

Join and start activities now

Create your team (max. 4 persons) and make Sziget alive in your town and country together! While playing with us you can earn valuable Sziget points and exciting prizes. Join now to win our truly amazing final prize: a super-cool accommodation in the middle of the island during Sziget Festival!

To register please give us the following information! Join quickly and start right away!


  1. Create your team

    Your team can be max. of 4 Szitizens, who are also registered in the registration sheet.

    Make sure you read the terms & conditions!

    As many people can help you in doing the activities as many you want, but only those maximum of 4 Szitizens will get the prizes by the team coordinator

    Team coordinator should be in charge and should be 18+, who takes responsibility for the activities of the team

    Your extra team member is your team mascot that could be anything from a little bear to a mobile phone, but should be indicated on all photos/videos, starting from the group photo. Please note that we are looking for nice and proper team mascots as we would like to post your materials frequently online, so please don't have something offensive.

  2. Do activities

    Be creative / unique / original!

    Use and activate your friends and their friends!

    All activity documentation, either video or photo should have your team mascot on it. We only approve these content. This is important so we know that  you were actually there :)

    Make sure you don’t harm anyone and don’t get in trouble! The responsibility is yours, so respect the laws of your country and each other!

    Submitting photos: make sure the team mascot is on it.

    Submitting videos: all video content should be uploaded to your YouTube channel and the title must include “Mission: Szitizen 2016” + your title. A video cannot be longer than 3 minutes 30 seconds. You will have to provide the link on the Mission:Szitizen website for approval and to get Sziget points. Make sure the video is public!

    Quality: we would really like to use your materials, so if you could prepare materials in the following format, that would be lovely! Moreover, if your mission shows us exeptional content and quality we reward it with extra point, and if you fulfill a whole category with extra point worthy missions we give you an additional 10 point bonus!

    • Both pictures and videos should be landscape (not portrait)!
    • Keep an eye on the lighting – the brighter the better (if you are in the dark – use some extra lighting).
    • Resolution should be preferably 720p (1280x720)
  3. Earn Sziget points and cool prizes

    Your Sziget missions will be approved by our team three times a week. You can check your points on your profile, however they are not public for everyone.

    Approval of your content:

    1. Uploaded by Sunday 22.00 -> Monday noon
    2. Uploaded by Tuesday 22.00 -> Wednesday noon
    3. Uploaded by Thursday 22.00 -> Friday noon

    Don’t forget your team mascot on the documentation!

    Know more about the prizes

  4. Win VIP Sziget treatment for your team

    1. Go for the fanciest prizes!
    2. Never give up!