Environmental awareness
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We face the 6th global mass extinction.
We face the 6th global mass extinction.
The Task

Human presence on Earth causes some major threats to wildlife. We face the 6th global mass extinction, where possibly 2/3rd of the present wildlife will disappear. Our resource needs destroy the natural habitats of these species, and the scale of hunting and fishing shrinks the population of the endangered animals. If they lived in our cities, we could experience their presence on Earth as well. Are you up for a retro mission with animal costumes?

  1. Get a boom box and place it on the main square of your town
  2. Dress up in animal costumes/suits (the whole team). It's EXTRA cool if you choose some endangered animals
  3. Play Animals from Martin Garrix on the boombox, and dance your brains out until the end
  4. Don't forget to make a video about that awesome dance, and put it on YouTube then share the link with us!

Pro tip: if you search for Mission Szitizen 2015 - Martin Garrix on YouTube, you will find some inspiration.


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