Carbon Footprint
Environmental awareness
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Let's loose a few tons!
Let's loose a few tons!
The Task

Sometimes all you need to do is step back, and think about your lifestyle to find easy ways, to lose a few tons. Calculate your carbon footprint link here. These questions will help you find ways to help reduce your carbon footprint. But we go further, and help you take the first step!

  1. Calculate your footprint!
  2. Make a seedbed, in the shape of a footprint, in the size of your carbon footprint - 10 ton = 1 m²
  3. Plant the seedbed with various flowers, bushes, or any plant you like!
  4. Make a video of the process and your new beautiful blooming garden for YouTube!
  5. Upload the video's link for us, and tell how big was your carbon footprint in the description

Use plants, that you can find naturally in your country, thus making your garden more local!


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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