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Equality and human rights
20 points
Less than 30 countries allow same-sex marriage
Less than 30 countries allow same-sex marriage
The Task

So there is this site called Destination Pride. This platform reimagines the Pride flag as a dynamic bar graph, then uses it to visualize the world's LGBTQ+ laws, rights and social sentiment. It is very powerful when you stumble across a few countries to see what barriers are still standing in front of the LGBTQ+ community's members to live an equal life.

  1. Your mission is to create an interview video
  2. Find your country on this site
  3. Create a T-shirt with your country's flag in the middle (use the Destination Pride version of course and you could also support them).
  4. Find somebody from the LGBTQ+ community who'd like to talk about their needs. Give her/him/them the t-shirt to wear while speaking in the video.
  5. Choose one topic from the flag's color (for example Marriage Equality) and talk to your friend about their view on this topic
  6. Edit the video as you like it, and upload it to YouTube then send us the link

Pro tip for the interview video: check out a few interview videos on YouTube to get inspiration for recording, especially on what angles and sets should you use.


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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