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Think Global. Act Local!
Think Global. Act Local!
The Task

Have you ever wondered about how many products come from abroad in your local shop? Or are they from the nearby markets? Realizing the diversity of products around you is important - knowing the economical footprint of food delivery and our dependence on world markets, help find a better balance between thinking global and acting local.

  1. Find a venturesome local shop that is willing to cooperate with you to show locals how the shop would look like without products from abroad
  2. Hide all the products from the store which came from a different country
  3. Wait for a couple of buyers and inform them about what happened
  4. Make a video of the store's half empty shelves and some of the reactions to it
  5. Upload us the YouTube link

Sounds impossible? It's already been done: video.
Please help the shop restock hidden products :) You may include the act of restocking in the video to make us happy too!


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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