Island of Culture
Equality and human rights
10 points
Imagine a place that is full of culture and diversity!
Imagine a place that is full of culture and diversity!
The Task

Imagine a place that is full of culture and diversity... A community where we have music to lift up our souls, sport to keep us in shape, lectures to nurture our minds, art to fascinate our imaginations and organizations to embrace diversity among us. Could you picture it in your mind? Good. Now compress it to the size of an island. We've imagined a similar island, the Island of Freedom where people from all around the world could have a fantastic cultural experience, not just incredible concerts. But who hasn't been in such an amazing place struggles to imagine that it's possible. Your Love Revolution duty is to kick-start their imagination with pictures that show it's a reality and it works quite well.

  1. We've collected 10 pictures for you to show the reality of the Island of Freedom. Use these pictures in this mission.
  2. Post them as an Instagram Story and use the poll function.
  3. Ask this simple question on every picture: was this picture taken at a music festival?
  4. As poll options use the default Yes and No options.
  5. Use the #loverevolution to give a hint to your followers.
  6. Take a print screen from each picture's result and post them to your Instagram feed
  7. Upload us the post's link

You could be EXTRA cool if you offer some explanation to the result pictures, where you write down what is on the pictures.


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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