Larger toys
World peace
20 points
Grown-ups have larger toys to play with
Grown-ups have larger toys to play with
The Task

Sziget is a magical place where peace and fun often find you in many shapes, but one of the best is when a few strangely-dressed Szitizens - like Super Mario figures or Dinosaurs - attack you with a squirt gun in the blazing sun. It brings out your inner child even just for a few minutes and you can forget about everything around you. Sziget lasts for a week every year, but you have the power to smuggle this feeling back to your town!

  1. Create a big frisbee, minimum 1m wide in diameter.
  2. Decorate it with a big Sziget logo and apply your team's own style.
  3. Go to a location in your town where you could play with this and you have the possibility to invite strangers for a quick game.
  4. Shoot 5 videos about you and strangers playing with this. The videos should contain different strangers engaging in the fun.
  5. Cut the videos together to make one video and upload it to YouTube!

Try using materials where you can recycle something and make sure you dispose of the creation in proper ways.


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