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More than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night
More than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night
The Task

When the sun goes down and darkness falls at Sziget, amazing light experiences come to life on our magical island. But outside of Sziget, there are roads that stay dark after sunset and car accidents tend to rise in the darkness. "To see and to be seen" is the number one road safety message across the globe. Demonstrate this on a little part of a dark road, by decorating it with Christmas lights and make it a little bit more visible.

  1. Find a section of a sidewalk that stays dark at night and which cars regularly drive through. Even more awesome if it's in a part of the city that you think should be illuminated
  2. Get some Christmas lights (way cooler if you do it with multiple colors)!
  3. Decorate the sidewalk with lights for one night. (And turn them on of course.)
  4. Create some pictures and post them on your Instagram then upload us the link

Try to use LED lights if you can, with power coming from a renewable energy source! Need some inspiration? Some professionals from the USA with a good cause: link


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