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World peace
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We are a big family who shares a common interest but is separated by a few kilometers
We are a big family who shares a common interest but is separated by a few kilometers
The Task

You must've stumbled into a "People who liked this also like these items" thing on the internet. It's all about expanding our common knowledge by the help of the internet with a pinch of profiling. Well, we have a few Szitizens gathered up here in the Mission: Love Revolution. We know for sure that you have at least one thing in common, but could you find some more? For example in your hometowns? Like a concert hall, a park, a library, a mountain or a pub?

  1. Your mission is to create a real-life billboard in front of a place you like.
  2. Choose a place in your hometown you like. It can be anything from natural beauty to a graffiti wall. It's really up to you.
  3. Now if you have it, start conversations with other teams to find 3 towns that have a similar thing that you've chosen and they also like it.
  4. For example in Budapest: you've chosen the awesome graffiti wall at Filatorigát station (this is where you have to get off the H5 to get to the entrance of Sziget). Now you ask Szitizens to recommend similar graffiti walls in their hometown that they like. Better if they send pictures of it.
  5. Choose 3 of the recommendations and create a billboard with the following title in your native language: "People who liked this also liked..." and place 3 images below the title of the chosen places and write below what it is and where it is located.
  6. The billboard shouldn't be too big, but please make it at least a 1,5m wide and have a 1m height.
  7. Place the billboard in front of the chosen place.
  8. Take a picture and share it with people of Instagramland. Use the usual hashtags: #sziget2019 #mission #LoveRevolution

Please choose a place where you can set this kind of billboard up without harming the environment or your legal status.


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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