Old friends in your wardrobe
Environmental awareness
20 points
The number of fashion trends increased from two a year to as many as 50-100 micro-seasons
The number of fashion trends increased from two a year to as many as 50-100 micro-seasons
The Task

Today, textile production is the world’s second most polluting industry after the oil industry. The total greenhouse gas emission from textile production currently stands at 1.2 billion tonnes annually and this is more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The number of fashion seasons have increased from two a year—spring/summer and fall/winter—to as many as 50-100 micro-seasons. It is an important factor behind the projected growth which includes production and consumption, fueled by the Fast Fashion industry. Minimalism is getting huge attention nowadays and our wardrobes are in the spotlight when we talk about consumption realization.

  1. Create an inventory of your wardrobes for each of you
  2. Spend a moment with each item and remember that moment when you got it. How did you feel back then? Now think about those moments when you used this item. Are you gonna wear it often again? Are you in love with this particular item or are you just hanging on to a piece of memory?
  3. Make an honest decision and sort out those clothes that you're not gonna wear in the future
  4. Check the quality of these items and sort them for donation or recycling
  5. Donate those clothes that you wish someone else would wear, and give those to recycling centers which you think should have a second life
  6. Make a vlog-style video about this experience, share your feelings and thoughts on this topic with us. Upload it to YouTube.
  7. Next time you're going to get something new, consider the impacts of the apparel industry and the feelings when you've minimized your wardrobe

This mission is not about urging you to refresh your wardrobe! Instead, we want to show you that you too have plenty of good quality and awesome clothes that people usually keep in the shadowy part of their memory and eventually get lost with time. Our purchase habits affect other parts of the world and we waste a lot of resources on our apparel unnecessarily.


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