Pimp My Bike
Environmental awareness
50 points
Cycle commuters have a lower risk of dying from a heart disease or cancer.
Cycle commuters have a lower risk of dying from a heart disease or cancer.
The Task

Regular cycling has so many good benefits, that active bicycle commuters should be awarded by their doctors. You must have a friend who uses an old bike to get from A to B, or has quit cycling because something happened to her/his bike. Your mission now is to reinforce these awesome people that cycling is something they should be proud of!

  1. Choose a friend who has an old bike or a bike that needs some repairing
  2. Manage to get her/his bike without her/his knowledge of what you're going to do with it
  3. Pimp it up with things she/he was needed for a while and repair the things that need to be fixed. Please take into consideration that everybody has her/his own taste of style, so don't ruin somebody's vehicle experience by style mismatch
  4. Also use a Sziget logo or some Sziget symbols just make it more awesome!
  5. Shoot "before and after" pictures, and a reaction video of the reunion. Your Insta feed is a great place to share it with the world!
  6. Please also write a list of the modifications and send it to us!

Cycling is good for the body and for Earth. But please consider choosing sustainable solutions when you equip something. So, for example, a dynamo or a rechargeable bike lamp is far better than a regular lamp.


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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