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World peace
10 points
Peace begins with a smile.
Peace begins with a smile.
The Task

It is easy, it is pure - best way to start the game, just recreate this video which shows our values in a nutshell: video

  1. Find a nice looking place with excellent light conditions
  2. Make a landscape oriented video of every team member as they are recreating these moves: video, but don't forget your mascot!
  3. Watch out for the composition, every video should look like exactly like the original - keep in mind, if you are good, we may create a mix of all the good-hearted Mission people :)
  4. Put the recorded videos together into one video, one after another
  5. Upload the video on YouTube using the following title: "Mission: Love Revolution 2019 - team name - mission name"
  6. Click on the upload button and paste the YouTube link, if you want to share something important, use the description field as well :)

If you've finished you just need to wait for your well deserved points! ;) P.S.: Creative background can create extra points!


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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