Sziget FestivAR
Environmental awareness
10 points
Carving initials spells O-U-C-H for a living tree
Carving initials spells O-U-C-H for a living tree
The Task

New technology makes us able to mark places without hurting any living organism or causing any everlasting change in the landscape. Play a little bit with AR to show us exceptional places!

  1. Print the Mission: Love Revolution logo - We hope that reusable paper was a default for you, not just an option.
  2. Take the paper on a tour to the most iconic view of your city
  3. Unlock our Snap filter with Snapchat from the mission's photo, or from here
  4. Point the camera to the printing and compose a beautiful picture including the appearing AR logo and your beautiful city
  5. Share the photo on Instagram and upload us the link of the photo

If you have more than one beautiful place, take multiple photos and share them all in one post for a bigger chance of extra points!


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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