Szitizen Plaque
Equality and human rights
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Szitizen pride is a must! :)
Szitizen pride is a must! :)
The Task

On the Island of freedom, we are one big family who celebrates the uniqueness of each other! We'd love to hear every Szitizens' story of their own and we welcome you to do the same! Share with the world that you're a Szitizen of the Island of Freedom, an ambassador to the Love Revolution!

  1. Have you seen those plaques on the walls of the buildings about people who lived in that house? Now it's your turn to make one for your own home!
  2. Create a Szitizen plaque about you in at least the size of an A3 paper for every team member
  3. It should contain your name, a few sentences of you and of course a Sziget logo
  4. Place it on that wall of the building you live in which is facing the streets or on something else that makes it visible to the pedestrians
  5. Shoot a few pictures about the handover ceremony and about the actual plaque and post it on Instagram then upload us the link

Why don't you make it permanent? It's more awesome!


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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