The dinner is ready
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How would you pimp up the dinner bell?
How would you pimp up the dinner bell?
The Task

Do you know that thing when the dinner is ready and grandma hits the pot with a kitchen spoon to let everyone know about it? Oh boy, that sound triggers a true Pavlovian response. But how would a musician granny call you for dinner? Let's find out!

  1. Find a few kitchen tools, like pots, pans, graters, glasses, etc. to turn them into instruments. Also find something like a kitchen spoon or something similar to use as percussion
  2. Choose your favorite Florance + the Machine song and turn it into kitchen-tool-music style version
  3. Practise your skills home. If you're confident enough get outside to the streets with your new music skills
  4. Choose a slightly crowded place and show people your skills
  5. Make a video, share it on YouTube and upload for us the link

It's EXTRA awesome if you collect some money with your musical talent and offer it for charity!


We're appriciating your readiness <3
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