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You are what you eat
You are what you eat
The Task

You are what you eat. A healthy diet helps protecting against noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. Unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity are the leading global risks to health. We care about each other but we have to take care of ourselves and our body as well. Show your friends and community how delicious a healthy diet can be and that it's really important to pay attention to our meals. WHO has a few tips for you if you are curious!

  1. Choose 5 awesome healthy plant-based foods
  2. Find a suitable truck to turn it into a Food Truck for a short time
  3. Use your magic and turn it into a Sziget WHO Truck for a day. Pimp it up with Sziget symbols
  4. Prepare the foods in such a way that you could serve them to people in small portions
  5. Print out the recipes or create QR codes with links to the recipes
  6. Hit the road with your fancy food truck containing healthy food, and find a few crowded spots where you can serve it for random people
  7. Serve at least 25 people, and give them a recipe as well
  8. Make a cool video about your awesomeness and share it with the world on YouTube and Instagram!

Bigger truck, EXTRA happiness! You're the most awesome team if you use renewable energy to fuel your vita-truck!


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